High Noon


Logidev, a real estate subsidiary of the RATP group, builds and manages social housing in Île-de-France.
This study consisted in proposing an urban renewal program on the site of Antony station (RER B), which has an important land potential around and above the existing infrastructures.
Our reflection is part of a fundamental problem of urban requalification and of quality of life, with the station as a central point..

The two main axes of the project are:

  1. Flow optimization :
    • Position the new program entrances strategically : linked to the two stations' access',
    • Keep of a connection for RATP maintenance,
    • Keep outdoor parking spaces,
    • Create new parking space for future buildings etc.

  2. The construction of new programs :
    • Exploit the Local Urbanism plan to densify "intelligently"
    • Think about the variety of scales in the neighborhood,
    • Think about the architectural identity of the buildings created,
    • Create new uses for more diversity and more life.

Our proposal is based on the creation of 3 programs located on the 3 proposed sites:
• Individual housing units grouped above the electrical substation
• Family housing at the entrance of the site
• A student residence above the station
And a bridge inhabited by shops and activities, to link the different programs between them.