Our best years


One of our first objectives for this restructuring project is to restore unity in this establishment made up of several buildings of different periods and styles.
It is a versatile college that combines professional and technological education, articulated between manual learning and knowledge.
It seemed essential to us to manifest this unity in a spatially respect. The rational division between the poles of education should be organized according to a constructed and coherent whole.
On the basis of these choices, we sought to reintroduce cohesion within the existing spaces by restructuring the whole establishment around an idea of harmony.
This harmony was brought with punctual and delicate interventions:
• "attentions" for users in terms of functionality and comfort, including a protected pathway from the street entrance that becomes a covered courtyard;
• a unit of materials and colors;
• simplification of facades;
• the creation of large vegetated patios to bring natural light into blind rooms.