Parisian Triology

Social housings & shops

The site of this project is atypical: It is a land unit composed of three parcels of land , rather narrow, of equivalent width and quite deep. The neighboring houses are very imposing: 6 floors on one side and 8 floors on the other. The central plot is occupied by a small building to be preserve, which overhangs the future buildings. His situation reinforces its presence.
The project is decomposing the plot into 3 distinct strips with 3 different buildings. They are different in their volumetries and the materials used for their facades: aluminum cladding, lime-wash coating for the renovation, and glazed concrete. On the street side, the façade offers 3 architectures which soften the importance of the operation.

This configuration allowed, from an urban point of view, to restore the historic plot structure, certainly more favourable to the preserved building : no postmodern effect with the conserved building symmetrically framed by two identical new constructions.
From an architectural and social point of view, it allows to break the scale of the large housing complex to propose a more domestic scale comparable to Parisian buildings. The new buildings have their own address: 20, 22 and 24 rue Basfroi. They also have their own entrance, mailboxes and common premises in order to encourage the inhabitants’ appropriation. Furthermore, it allows a good functionality to the users of the buildings.