What do you miss in Paris?


"What do you miss in Paris?"
-More place !
-A cheaper accommodation
-A terrace, just for myself ...

  • More nature!
    ... And what if you had all that ... at home? "

The program consists of a hundred social housing units, a multifunctional school with 8 classes, shops, business premises and car parks.
The volumetry presents 3 entities:
• The base, which houses all programs related to public space: school, shops, parking and activities.
• The tower, the tallest building which reaches 50m and has 16 floors, is established at the corner of the Boulevard Jean Simon and the Paris Ivry alley. It houses a large majority of dwellings and common areas.
• The building, which scale is more domestic, is in at the corner of Paris Ivry alley and Berlier street and includes the family housing.

More nature, more biodiversity
The future building is part of a changing urban context, which is currently subject to considerable nuisance. Our project creates its own landscape, for the well-being of its inhabitants but also for the neighborhood by developing various typologies of outdoor areas: planted square, hanging garden, solarium etc.

More circular economy
The "base" is composed of reused materials, it is a major challenge for the future of a "sustainable city" , even more so for Paris.
We are convinced that everything can be reused and consider that the reuse of materials resulting from construction is both a challenge and an opportunity: it is a driving force for innovation and an opportunity for unprecedented architectural writing.

A more comfortable and economical dwelling
The quality of the housing is one of the most important points. That’s why, we have created large housing units, each one completed with a private outdoor space.
In addition, we plan to make each dwelling "connected", in order to help the tenant to control his / her energetic expenses while guaranteeing great comfort, but also to be able to "adapt" the dwelling to any type of occupant